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Site Location: Downtown San Jose, at West Santa Clara Street and Autumn Street

Site Area: Approximately 17 acres

Building Dimensions: Length - 425 by 425 feet; Height -117 feet; Internal Space - 450,000 square feet

Exterior: Concrete; space frame steel truss; ribbed stainless steel siding; 10-story glass pyramid entry.

Concrete Used: 33,000 cubic yards

Structural Steel Used: 1,800 tons

Glass Used: Approximately 40,000 square feet

Electrical Wiring Used: Approximately 1.86 million feet or 353 miles

Fuel, Water, Cooling, Heating and Sanitation Piping: 32 to 38 miles

Length of Construction: Approximately 540 days

Seating Capacity: basketball 18,500; multi-purpose 16,000-20,000; hockey 17,562

Parking: Approximately 1,600 spaces on site and up to 6,300 spaces within 1 mile of the HP Pavilion at San Jose - VTA provides a free shuttle service from most garages to HP Pavilion at San Jose.

Executive Suites: 66

Cost: $162.5 million ($132.5 million funded by the City of San Jose; $30 million funded by HP Pavilion at San Jose Management)

Developer: Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose

Owner: City of San Jose

Builder: Perini Building Company, Western Division

Construction Manager: HuntCor Inc.

Architect: Sink Combs Dethlefs

Pavilion Operator: HP Pavilion at San Jose Management

Primary Tenant: San Jose Sharks

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